Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I hate waiting...=(
Waiting for our Japan visa approval is like HELL~
This *Miss Leong* told hubby this morning (He went to fax the itinerary for our Japan visa, the Japan Embassy called this morning asking for it). 3 couple have fail to apply for the Japan Visa....=( a really bad feeling about it....T_T
I told myself this afternoon...if we really cannot get the Japan visa. I will buy myself a DIAMOND HEART PENDANT..Hahahaha...i know, i know, it's irrelevant....but i guess it can only mend my broken heart...(Trying hard to calm myself down)
Only to find out the answer by tomorrow or by Monday (Friday is a public holiday, Deepavali for the Indian race).
Let's get this over with.....
Updates: Got our VISA! We're going to Japan this 5th of Dec~! Yeah!

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