Saturday, March 12, 2011

Earthquake in Japan

My best friend Janice's birthday~
A 8.9 earthquake destroy Japan at 1.46pm (Malaysia time)

I can't believe this is happening.....
We've just been to Japan 3 months ago, having a blast, shopping, good food, good people....
3 months later~ This happens....T_T

I don't want to post any photos after the aftershocks~
I sure many people have seen it on CNN, world news and local newspapers.
It's just too heart breaking~

Prayers goes out to the people of Japan.
Stay strong and GOD bless~

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


It's been a while since i bought my last nendo~ =)

Now, in just one month, i bought 3 and will be getting another @_@

Why the sudden craze for nendo you ask?

LOL~ I need to thank MR Danny Choo and his photos!

Where ever he went, he will surely bring a nendo with him for his photo shoots~ and they look bloody awesome and cute!

Now, i also follow trend la~ i will bring my nendos with me, even to work~ Hiak hiak hiak....

My latest nendo which i bought from XL last week were Mimi Usa from the loli anime *Kodomo no jikan* ( i hope i spell right)

And here she is~ Mimi chan!! >_< Kawaii!

Brought Mimi chan to dinner/shopping at JJ.

Mimi chan aiming for my Hazelnut milk shake =D

Other than Mimi chan, i also bought HMO Miku chan and BRS (Black rock shooter)

LOL~ I pay way too much for this HMO Miku....Argghh! should have bought it from another shop =( Make note to self, check with the cheaper shops next time!

And last but not least~ My coolest nendo ever, Black rock shooter!

I'm broke now....T_T and i just pre order nendo Totori from XL shop....

Wah!!! Why all so cute one????