Sunday, October 31, 2010


Stress....can be deadly~ stress coming from work, family. money etc....i guess it's normal....but stress coming from a four legged animal (a puppy to be precise) is NOT all....
I know i can a puppy give some one stress..puppies are supposed to be cute..right? WRONG....not all puppies are angels.....sometimes they are devil in disguise....=(
You see...there's this stray puppy...i call her *puppy*. I feed her twice a day, morning and evening. She's cute~ loves to run around (which is dangerous, there are cars and motorbikes) And she likes to sleep outside of our house which drive Poppy crazy. She did not bite other people's rubbish when it's rubbish collecting day. The only problem is........SHE LIKES TO BITE OTHER PEOPLES SHOES....AT NIGHT~!
 Every morning when i wake up, they WILL be shoes or slippers lying outside our gate, sometimes on our neighbors door steps. i hit her couple of times but then she will stop for one night then will start taking other people's shoes the next night~! Just this morning, i found one shoe and slipper lying outside of our gate =( I try to teach her but since she's a stray puppy she's not listening and would run away when i try to get near to her.
I even pray to GOD every night so when i wake up in the morning i would not need to pick up all her mess she left on my door step or our neighbors....
Why do i pick up my neighbors rubbish you asked?
I just don't want them to hurt the puppy...that's all....because people will eventually fed up picking up shoes every morning....i know that cause i'm one of them too...i got so fed up picking up other people's smelly shoes that i sometimes think that i don't want to fed the little puppy anymore...i know it's mean and i shouldn't be thinking about all....but my dustbin if full of shoes and slippers....people will start complaining about her..heck, THEY ARE STARTING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT HER ALREADY...And sometimes i think those people are fucking idiots too....why don't you seal up your fucking gate for Christ sake~! If i ever miss a shoe and slipper i will straight away seal up my gate...eventhought i don't know who took them...maybe it's the monkeys, and maybe it's the puppy...fucking retards....serve you right for losing all you fucking, smelly shoes...
I need to punish the puppy again tonight.....can't go on like this....=( 

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Duffy and Shellie May keychain

Just order my second Duffy chan key chain from minimaos~ But this time comes with his cute girl friend Sheila May =D

Duffy chan in a sailor suit~ ^_^

And there she is... Miss Sheila May ^_^ Love her cute cute lashes...

Kawaii~! They both look so lovely dovely =D

Can't wait to get them next week.

Some other event:

Finally pass up all the documents for our Japanese visa.

I hope and i pray that we'll pass~!

Oh GOD...please don't let us down.

One week of waiting and suffering...=(

I don't know if i can stand it or not...


Update: Change my order of the keychains to 30cm Shellie May (Just like my Duffy chan ^_^) She's so freaking adorable~! Love her blue eyes....

Update on our Japan visa: The documents just pass up last Friday (29/10/2010) I am crossing my fingers and my feets just to hope for the approval of our Visa....The long wait is killing me...slowly inside.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Secret Wonderland Himeno, Japan visa and scam~

My secret wonderland Himeno arrived yesterday~ She's really cute and love her hair to bits~!
A gift from my lovely husband...
But lately, husband been really really stress~ from his side of the family...
As you see~ we just painted our house *me and hubby share half the money for the paint job, our house really looked like a haunted house before the job =(* And sayang's sister got this male dog name Billy~ As you know male dog usually marks their spots, and he sheds alot~ for about a week, our house is free of bad odor from Billy and his fur.
But last night, his evil sister brought Billy boy over AGAIN and got the guts to tell us that Billy boy is shedding any furs *Well, looky what i found her*
It's not that we have issues with Billy(He did bite hubby several times and we just keep quiet cause my MIL will ALWAYS ON THE SISTER SIDE)~ We got issues with the sister...and her attitude~ Like she's better than we are...*oh please@_@*
Ok, enough of the evil sister~ *I do hope that some dramatic *adventures* will happen to her in the near future* fingers cross* Y(^_^)Y
While my dog Poppy try to bite my MIL's hand off just yesterday when she sign for my package~ *The mail man really took his own sweet time to get to our house =(* And of cause she COMPLAINS TO HUBBY~ Saying lots of things which hubby have yet to tell me, i'm guessing nothing good...Poppy dislike my MIL so much sometimes i question myself...WHY??
Did my MIL did something really bad to her while she was just a puppy? That's a mysterie...

Went to the travel agent this afternoon to get our japan visa done~ and this Miss Leong told us that it may be difficult to obtain visa the catch....WE ARE TOO FCUKING YOUNG...@_@. She saids that the Japan embassy may afraid that we *jump aeroplane* cause eventhought i'm working but i put on the form that i'm a housewife and my hubby will borne all expensive. Afterall my hubby got company letters and EPF and bank statement(I make sure that i put enough $$ for both of us) to back us up. I don't know if hubby notice it or not but i'm sensing that this Miss Leong try to scam us into joining her travel agency tour to Japan which will cause double. But if we just travel by ourselves it would be alot cheaper...of course!
I did some check up on the net and some says that it's not that difficult and if you have any questions can just called them and they are friendly as well... Hmm...Maybe tomorrow will asked hubby to called the Embassy in Penang for some information. I got my ASB for back up but got mix up by the address. Now that bank statement is void already =( Really bump about it.
Need to get back to the travel agency again tomorrow cause she forgot to tell us to bring out old passport...stupid bitch! makes us do double the work...would love to give her a piece of my hand right now and then! Hmph~ shall update soon about our Japan visa. If worse come to the worse, we're going to Taiwan for our Honeymoon trip.

Monday, October 18, 2010

It's been really really hot rain for almost 2 weeks now (Or maybe more, i lost count already)
Tomorrow, we will be applying for our Japanese Visa with a Miss Leong (MIL's friend's daugther who works in a travel agency)
So far we got all of our documents ready~ Since i wrote in my application form that i'm a *HOUSEWIFE* So, sayang will be my guarantor for this trip (He's my husband mah)
Went to my ASB HQ here to apply for my bank statement and then found out that i can't used it cause the Japanese Embassy had change their address in Penang~
Stress stress stress~
Now the bank statement that i apply earlier cannot be used~
It supposed to be a back up for Sayang (just in case the amount in the bank statement is not enough).
Now that my ASB statement is void~ I hope sayang's statement is enough to apply visas for both of us~
*Fingers cross*
Will know in one weeks time~ i guess...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Secret Wonderland Himeno

My 2nd pure neemo doll =) Gift from hubby~!
Bought it from HLJ~ (Mika chan also from HLJ)
Should be arriving sometime next week using EMS~ At least i have confidence in EMS. They have tracking numbers and insurance for every package.

 Isn't she the cutest? Cant' wait ti get her ^_^

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Saturday, October 2, 2010

It's Saturday。。。Kintoki for dinner

Brought Mika chan with us to Kintoki, a local Japanese restaurant in our area.

Mika chan didn't have time to change into her Kimono =(

But still~ she look adorable in her pink nurse unifform =D

We order Teriyaki bento set and Sukiyaki set with some yakitori - YUM!!!

Forgot the name of this dish

Hubby's sukiyaki set~ Very nice =D

My teriyaki set~ love the sweet pork~ taste just like my ah mah's sweet pork she used to cook when she's alive. Miss all my ah mah's cooking.

Mika chan is super cute in this photo~ =D (My favorite)

It's a nice evening out and now watching desparate housewife season 6 =D