Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Food adventure with Mimi chan

Hubby brought me and Mimi chan to Haagen Dazs yesterday for brunch to celebrate my 35th birthday ^^.

Even their menu looks so yummy in the front cover!

Since it's a Sunday, not much customers yet. They open at 11AM ^^ and we went there a wee bit too early~ Lol...

Even thought their flavors not as much as Baskin Robbins but they got RUM RAISIN! Which i miss it so so much since BR ban it in JJ branch. T_T

Hubby order the one on the right ^^

I order Banana split which is on the left ^^

While waiting for our ice creams, i took some photos of Mimi chan at the cafe =D

I change Mimi chan into her stock outfit... I love nekomimis XD

Mimi chan is so cute!

Is Mimi chan trying to tell me something? @_@
X'mas cakes from Haagen Dazs should be yummylicious! Too bad i will be celebrating Christmas with sisters and their families as well as my brother with wife Linda in Bangkok ^^ Oh! and i may be attending my very 1st BJD doll meet with a Flickr friend of mine! I'm so excited! I've never been to a doll meet before =D
And, I will be adding a new *daughter* very very soon ^^ 

Be patience Mimi chan ^^;;;

Hubby's arrive 1st. He order, Caramel biscuit and cream, Vanilla, Rum raisin and Mango sorbet.

This set comes with waffler and some fruits^^.The waffler with honey is super delicious!

Yay! Mine arrived =D

I order Tiramisu, Rum raisin (Of course!) and Caramel biscuit and cream ^^. I got a new favorite ice cream and this is it ^^. CARAMEL~~~~~~ XD


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Pre Birthday Dinner at Brewsters Lane Kitchen

Yeah! It's me birthday day tomorrow Har Dee Har Har~! =D

Anywho, what's a birthday without birthday dinner right?

Hubby brought me to this really old fashion looking restaurant named Brewsters Lane kitchen on Parlor last Monday night.^^

And i brought along Ruri chan, who is also my pre birthday present from hubby as well =)

Here is ruri chan sitting with me on the couch, waiting for the rain to stop...^^;;

We then decide to beat the rain and charge to the restaurant ^^ That's how hungry we were that day XD.

We arrived partly dry (It was really pouring out there!) But we manage to get our asses out of the car and into the restaurant in record time XP. Ruri chan  will be our service maid for the night He he he...

The menu~~~~~
They serve fish and steak the most. But they also serve some Japanese dishes and chicken as well.

After looking thru the menu for sometimes, me and hubby settle for lamb ^^

Supreme Australian Lamblion! with their home made black pepper sauce and mint sauce~ YuumY!

After placing our order, we decide to camwhore...XD. Special request for Ruri chan as my model...
I love this photo the most, with Ruri chan taking photo with this painting. She kinda blends in with the environment as well ^^

Ruri with hubby!

Antic lighting~

Some antic collection on display in the restaurant.

My fresh orange juice while hubby's fresh lime and honey juice. Very refreshing indeed

After 20 minutes wait, our food arrived! The lamblion looks so delicious and IT IS!
All sets include french fries, soup of the day, salad and dessert.

Close up of the lamblion

Their home made black pepper sauce, french fries and salad ^^

Soup of the day- we're having corn soup. It's so creamy! and it taste so good in a coldl weather =D

Dessert- Mango pudding.

Total for the food?
2 sets of lamblion total up RM 128++
If we went on Tuesday which is gentlemen's day, there's a 50 discount for the gentlemen while ladies night on Friday.
Make note to self: Go there on Tuesday or Friday to enjoy 50% discount on food!
Will try their smoke salmon next time^^

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

CWC 10th Anniversary Middie Blythe

I've thinking the longest time whether want to get a middie blythe or not ^^

What's a middie blythe you ask?

It is between a neo blythe and petite blythe- thus the middie which stands for middle. How cute is that right?

Comparison of neo, middle and petite blythe dolls.

Above are the CWC 10th Anniversary Blythe dolls. My choice is the one on the left. A very adorable middie blythe ^^.

The lovely "Cherish Me Always" Middle Blythe is dressed in her best party fashion! Her apron style dress is baby blue and is adorned with sweet flower, butterfly and bird prints, similar to "10 Happy Memories".
The detailing of the pin tucked bodice and light blue line printed along the hem of her dress. She also has the signature bow motif included in all of the anniversary doll designs. Under the top skirt of the apron dress, "Cherish Me Always" wears a baby blue dress with white rounded collar dress with balloon sleeves.
Her outfit is complete with white and gray striped kneed socks, blue mary jane shoes with cute ribbon prints on the toes.
Cherish has long, straight strawberry brown hair with bangs and she wears a black headband.
She has sweet heart shaped earrings.
She wears light-green eye shadow and her blush and lips are salmon pink.
We picked blue eye chips from our new special eye color palette!
Her skin tone is natural skin.
(Text taken from blythedoll.com)

She will be my very first middie blythe! I was a bit scare of neo blythe at first but after reading some bloggers and looking at some photos they took with their girls. I found out they are actually very very cute! Even thought they got big heads and sometimes their stares kinda terrifying =D
But finally decide to get her for myself as my 35th birthday gift (Lol~ Now you know how old i am)

Her box is so beautiful~~~
She will be mine!.....Once i pay XL-Shop la    XD

There are some other middie blythe which is also in my wish list:

CWC Exclusive Middie Blythe-Macaron Q-Tea Party.
This girl is on my wish list too but she's not sold where i order my 1st middie.Hopefully when i go to Bangkok this coming Dec i can get here there.^^

So cute right?

Her box and stand. So pretty!

Another comparison with Neo and Petite blythe.
She's not too big, not too small but *just right* ^^

This is Milk x CWC Collaboration Middie Blythe- Little Lily Brown.
So pretty in pink ^^

Such a classy little lady~

Pretty in pink!
Gosh the box are so freaking awesome!

These are just some of the middie dolls that i found online. Do check out www.blythedoll.com

UPDATE: My middie arrived! ^^ She's so adorable!!