Sunday, October 31, 2010


Stress....can be deadly~ stress coming from work, family. money etc....i guess it's normal....but stress coming from a four legged animal (a puppy to be precise) is NOT all....
I know i can a puppy give some one stress..puppies are supposed to be cute..right? WRONG....not all puppies are angels.....sometimes they are devil in disguise....=(
You see...there's this stray puppy...i call her *puppy*. I feed her twice a day, morning and evening. She's cute~ loves to run around (which is dangerous, there are cars and motorbikes) And she likes to sleep outside of our house which drive Poppy crazy. She did not bite other people's rubbish when it's rubbish collecting day. The only problem is........SHE LIKES TO BITE OTHER PEOPLES SHOES....AT NIGHT~!
 Every morning when i wake up, they WILL be shoes or slippers lying outside our gate, sometimes on our neighbors door steps. i hit her couple of times but then she will stop for one night then will start taking other people's shoes the next night~! Just this morning, i found one shoe and slipper lying outside of our gate =( I try to teach her but since she's a stray puppy she's not listening and would run away when i try to get near to her.
I even pray to GOD every night so when i wake up in the morning i would not need to pick up all her mess she left on my door step or our neighbors....
Why do i pick up my neighbors rubbish you asked?
I just don't want them to hurt the puppy...that's all....because people will eventually fed up picking up shoes every morning....i know that cause i'm one of them too...i got so fed up picking up other people's smelly shoes that i sometimes think that i don't want to fed the little puppy anymore...i know it's mean and i shouldn't be thinking about all....but my dustbin if full of shoes and slippers....people will start complaining about her..heck, THEY ARE STARTING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT HER ALREADY...And sometimes i think those people are fucking idiots too....why don't you seal up your fucking gate for Christ sake~! If i ever miss a shoe and slipper i will straight away seal up my gate...eventhought i don't know who took them...maybe it's the monkeys, and maybe it's the puppy...fucking retards....serve you right for losing all you fucking, smelly shoes...
I need to punish the puppy again tonight.....can't go on like this....=( 

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