Monday, May 30, 2011

Japan Trip- Day 2 Nakano Broadway

A late post about my Japan trip last year. XP

We stay there for a week and what a week it is! Best trip ever! I want to go back there so badlyyyyyyy........

Nakano Broadway is our 1st destination to visit on 2nd day. (7th of December 2010)

Took the train from Ikebukuro to Nakano train station. Not too sure how long it took us to get there, more or less 20-30 minutes, maybe?

Sunshine city mall. Nakano Broadway is located at the very end of it~

 Grrr..... My enemy! Since i arrived in Japan, i just can't pass up entering these catcher shops and i lose alot of yen in there~ Damn you UFO catcher!!! (Hubby manage to get me one Hello Kitty plush there, after many tries =D)

 A lot of shops were still close, we reach there around 9.30am =P Most shops open at around 11am - 12pm, but the workers arrived early to get things started.

This is the 1st place we visit. A bookstore inside Nakano. Don't remember the name of the shop tho, but hubby's cousin were super excited when we got there. Of course, we're not allow to take photos in there, as usual, hubby will sneak a few shots from his hidden camera...=) Most of the photos here were taken sneakily...

Nendoroids! Arghh! I can't believe that i miss snow Miku! T_T My eyes must be on my butt! Hmm...but that time i got other things on my mind~ Mamachapp dolls!! But still, i could kick my butt a thousand times for not buying snow Miku!! And i went back there twice! WTH~~~

 You can find all sorts of rare figures there too T_T...... I hate myself........


 K-on Pure neemo dolls and some plushies, It's very cute.

Mandarake shop, still close..they open at 12pm but i love their sign board! It's sooooo cool!

Since most of the shops were still close, we decided for some R&R in one of the cafe there. 3 drinks for 1680 yen=RM 62. Super expensive!

Hubby bought me a McD's hamburger from one of the shops that opens early. Only in Japan McDonalds you can get these cute keychains.

 Cute Chihuahua magnet gashapon for 300 yen, i got 3 of them.

Not too sure about the name of these models.

 Kamen Riders! Lots and lots of them!

Opps! Here a picture of the small kitty that hubby got from the UFO catcher. Cute no? =D

Rilakuma! All for sale~ if there's one of your liking, you may purchased them from the shop which is Mandarake. I didn't get any of the Rilakuma plush.

Lots of photos coming ahead. You've been warned! (The fact that i'm lazy to write anything...XP)

Mamachapp dolls! All 2nd hand but in good condition. Guess which Mamachapp doll i bought from Mandarake...=)
My Mamachapp doll really cost me an arm and leg, because it's so rare that i'm willing to fork out 26,500 yen for it! That's about USD260 and RM 988+. If you're willing to fork out this much money then go for it! It's so worth it~They're super cute! And i love my Mimi chan to bits~! =D

Some SIC and gashapon for your liking.

Yeah, that's me on the right, checking my Mimi chan doll~ I was like super happy that i finally got her!! All the way from M'sia to Japan!

Hmm...Hentai manga anyone?

Cute mouse pad...What beautiful big eyes they got~Eyes on the face, not on the chest...-_-.....
Hubby regret not getting one in Akihabara~ he he he...

Some anime art books, bare in mind that all art books were in Japanese.

Cosplay costume anyone? 

Another Mandarake store.

Daitan 3!

How about some eechi pillow case to keep you company at night? =D

Nice gun~~~

More cosplay shops.

Who wants to be Miku?

Mandarake stores, on the robot it says no photos! Yeah~~~~

Transformers! speaking of which, i can't wait for the 3rd movie this coming July! Even thought the main actress sucks. What's with the huge lips anyway. The only woman whose lips are that sexy is Angelina Jolie~In my opinion.

Tokyo Disney bear, Duffy and Shellie May. I got myself 3 of them. =D

One of the game shops in Sunshine city mall.

Our last stop of the day~ Crepes!

Lots to choose from~

My choice. The strawberries were sweet!

Hubby's cousin's choice~

We head on back to Ikebukuro after that. It's only 4pm  and the skies already darken outside. And there i thought it's already 7pm!

Our winnings of the day!

Deboxing my Mamachapp~ She's sitting on our friends Chongoki figure...he he he.

Petit Miku and one gashapon hubby got from the vending machine.

 My X'mas gift to hubby, Limited edition Excelica nendoroid. You need to purchased the PS2 game in order to get this nendoroid. And lucky for us...we found it!

Full Metal alchemist figure.

My HBG bag from the earlier bookstore.

My 2nd hand Tamagocthi ID together with my Minnie Mouse phone strap. (I got 2 of them)

And another picture of Mimi chan!


I wish i could carry all those stuff  back from Nakano...LOL~ 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Chi Papercraft doll

Chi's sweet home is a popular manga written and illustrated by Konami Kanata. Chi is a white and grey kitten with black stripes who one day wanders off from her mother and sibling on a days walk outside the park,who she later met Youhei, a young boy and his mother. They take Chi home but pets are not allow in the housing complex where they live,so they try their very best to find a good home for her. This proves to be difficult but later the family starts to attach to Chi then decides to keep her, naming her *Chi*.

I found these really cool Chi papercraft doll online yesterday and decided to give it a try.

It's my 1st try and since i just use a ordinary A4 paper so the outcome is not that fantastic but still very cute!

My bro told me that he used presentation paper to make his Danboard papercraft doll which came out fantastic!

Hmm......should have went to Parade yesterday to get those papers....

You can download Chi's papercraft doll online by searching google.

Now, photos!

 Chi's back side~

Chi's right side.

Chi's left side.

And Chi's looking back at ya =D

I have a chibi Sora papercraft doll in the making, but the outcome is not as good as Chi's. Shall take photos of him soon...