Friday, December 17, 2010

Singapore trip~

Will be packing my luggage again... This time i'm going to Singapore.

Will be attending my little brother's wedding on the 21th of December.

Too bad, hubby can't follow me this time...He's working OT to cover up the leaves that he took during our Japan trip.

Oh well, will be buying him a Universal Studio Singapore T-shirt for him =D

Oh ya, will be saving money for Japan again.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Back =(

Back from Japan~!

It's the best trip ever~~~

Haiz~ Now i really miss walking down the street to my favorite restaurant for dinner~~~

Miss going underground to search for my Sanrio Gift Gate near Ikebukuro with hubby and his cousin.

Miss getting lost in Japan~~~

Why? cause it score me a beautiful necklace from A.D.A~~~ =D

How i miss playing those GOD darn stupid UFO catcher machines~~~

Miss everything about Japan~~~ How come one country can have soooo many cuteness in them? T_T

Baahhhh~!! I want to go to Japan again~~~

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happenings 2

Went out to watch Rapunzal yesterday~ It's so funny! I love the horse Maximus the most~! =D

After the movie, hubby bought me baskin robbin's ice cream cake =D well, to make up for my birthday last week...kikikiki

Nothing much to do afterwards, so we walk around~ X'mas decorations not yet up thought =(

X'mas here is so dull and boring~! But luckily for me, shall be celebrating X'mas in Singapore this year =D YEAH~! But poor hubby cannot come with me cause he needs to work after the Japan trip. (Going down to Singapore on the 19th for my little brother's wedding!)

Hubby's dinner ;)

Went to have an early dinner at Black canyon restaurant inside of JJ.

Green chicken curry, our favorite =)

My dinner =D