Saturday, November 20, 2010

Two weeks

Will be jetting off to Japan in just two weeks time =D Super happy! (As if you can see my face right now)
And here's a list of places that we're going to visit when in Japan =)

Ikebukuro- We will be staying there for 5 days at House of Ikebukuro.

Sanrio Gift Gate at Ikebukuro! OMGOMGOMG~ It's like heaven-Hello Kitty heaven =D

Will be walking the whole day when we arrived =( Don't know if can tahan or not...that's why need sleep while on plane! wish i can catch some shut eye...don't want the same thing happen to me when going to Singapore last year~ Hubby is snoring while i stay awake till we reach Johor boarder and was TIRED!

2nd day:
Nakano Broadway! Hope i can find my mamachapp doll (At least one-mamachapps are totally hopeless to find! unless people is selling 2nd hand which sometimes can be expensive)

If we can still squeeze ourselves some time, will be going to Akihabara~

Think when we reach there should be evening time already...

3rd day: How can we visit Japan without going to TOKYO DISNEY SEA?

Will be there for the whole day- I want to meet Duffy chan~! (And buy Duffy and Shellie May products =D)

I want to take pictures with them but some says that they only entertain kids and not adults...=(
Heelloo? The adults are the ones PAYING ok? -_-

4th day: Shibuya 109, Asakusa temple
8 floors of shopping in Shibuya109, I don't know if we ever make it to Asakusa =)

Maybe can buy some charms as souvenirs- Need to find Janice's yukata there as well =)

Will be visiting Hachiko's statue at the Shibuya station. I love you Hachiko!

5th day: No idea where to visit yet =D Shall decide later!

6th day: Going back =( Flights at 11.30am. Need to rush to the airport by 6.30am i think. (Maybe will take the teksi instead, save us more time)

That's about our plans for this trip....there's more to visit but i don't think we have the time! How i wish now that we got 48 hours a days instead of 24 hours...kikiki

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