Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Almost pack

Almost finish packing for the trip~ =D

This morning, i woke up feeling excited~! Maybe it's because the 5th is oh so near >_<

I found a shop that sells mamachapp dolls~! Mandarake from Nakano broadway~ =D

Just hope they still have the mamachapps that i want -_-~

5 more days to go~~~ and counting...

This is the mamachapp that i want. 25.000 yen. Hope they still have it when i go there on the 7th.

If i can't find the above mamachapp, will consider of buying this one, as usual if they still have it. 32,000 yen. More than  my budget,thought...=(

So far i check with their website, the Nakano branch still have these two~ Am crossing my fingers to hope to get to them before anyone else does.

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