Friday, July 8, 2011

Nendoroids photo shoot

I love bringing my nendos for some photo shoot ^^

He he, most of my photos shoots are nendos and food related =P

How about you? Do you love taking photos of your nendos/figmas/dolls?

I once brought my Mika chan with me to a Japanese restaurant around my area, people were giving me the evil eye! @_@~

Bah! I don't care what they're thinking...It's my hobby and it's a free world, i can do whatever i want~~~~

Ok, On with the photos~

Brought HMO Miku with us after the Green Lantern movie ^^. Picture taken with my soya milk bubble tea. Nice and refreshing, plus Miku's greenish color blend nicely with the white soya milk tea ^^. One of my favourite photo.

Miku at My Point cafe fro hubby's birthday celebration with friends. Because of the lighting in the cafe (Blue) Miku blends in prefectly~ And she's aiming for the garlic bread that comes with my soup. Sorry Miku, It's only enought for 2...=)

 My latest nendo- Totori~ I love her smiling face the most, she looks veery very adorable with her dress. This nendo comes with a lot of extra items that let you recreate the scene from the game. But have to be careful tho cause of small parts. Photo taken at the Loving Hut Cafe around our area.

Hideyoshi is my 1st male? nendo. I bought him cause of the anime Baka to test to shoukanjuu. Here he is doing his homework by the window side. Ganbatte! Hideyoshi~ ^^

Lovely Rin at Mummy cafe, think they closed down due to no business? I miss their Ice Blended Milo tho~ Damn nice! We usually like hanging there and enjoy some R&R due to their location (AIR CON)! Lol~

Raspherry at Starbuck cafe, She's also my 1st nendo that i brought along for a movie~

We're watching Thor that day. When i post the photos on FB, my sis was like *You bought your toys to the movies?* Ha ha ha...

At McD's JJ for breakfast. Brought Melissa with me and she's aiming at my pancakes. =D

Nao the nendoroid looking at my coke. i found this nendo out of the blue one day at a very rare hobby shop which me and hubby didn't often visit, unlike Yik Foong~ The seller gave me a discount as the box has been discolor due to long time facing the sun. But the doll is still in good shape and most of all, it's original! So, i was really lucky to have her. She comes with only one extra face and two extra arms plus an owl & her stick.But still cute~!

I have a thingy for nendos that wear glasses, maybe i'm wearing glasses as well...he he he, i think that they're super cute~ Mimi Usa at Black canyon, JJ, for dinner and some shopping.

Nendoroid photo shoot.
Part one - END
^^ Enjoy~

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Nendoroid Snow Miku get!


Me got Snow Miku nendoroid~ and she's freaking awesome!

I love her blue hair~~~