Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Wish List For 2010 Japan Trip

Here's my wish list for 2010 =D


They are the cutest! Can't get over how cute they are, but they're also the most expensive cause of high demands and LE. Just hope that i can find at least ONE~!

Hello Kitty~! =D

Rilakkuma Plushies~! =D

Azumanga 10th anniversary art book-I don't know if i can still find this book! -_-. Ever since i watch this anime, i'm stuck with it! I will watch it everyday! They're my favorite anime/manga of all time~(Tomo chan is my favorite character ^ ^)

Vintage coloring book- I got these vintage Japanese coloring books way back in the 80's (When i'm in primary school)

Tamagotchi ID (I like the purple or the yellow one, Got pink for my Tamagotchi color last year)

And more Duffy chan~! =D

Guess that's about it...for now =D

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