Monday, October 31, 2011

Mimi chan cooks!

Decided to cook vege and egg soup and i got myself a cute little helper to help me ^^

First up- Eggs ( 2 eggs will be enough for 2 person )


Mimi chan helps!^^ *stir stir stir*

All done! =D

I always use Knows ikan bilis cube for soup base. Taste much more better than chicken and tom yam.

1 cube is enough, i used to put in 2 cubes but turns out to be too salty!! @_@

Time to fried some eggs...

Yay! smells wonderful~

Use the existing oil, add in water, wait for it to boil...

Add in the ikan bilis cube ^^

Cut the eggs into tiny pieces.

Mimi chan looks a bit concern XD

Don't forget to add in the veges~

Looks good!

Add in the eggs and you're ready to serve ^^
Yummy desu- taste good with rice~

Mimi chan wanna try?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Kagami's Day Out~

Kagami dress up as Miku for our day out.
Here she is at my finger tips...pointing everything she sees on the way =D
Ahem~ she's not giving someone the middle finger XD

 After breakfast, me and hubby decided to go for another movie. Last week was Real Steel and this week is Paranormal Activity 3 ^^. I had to drag hubby with me cause he's not too fond of ghost/horror movies =^_^=

The show starts at 2.10pm and we arrive at Parade at 11 plus...and there's only one place that we can kick back and relax while waiting....STARBUCKS!

Kagami chan wants some dessert to go with our ice blended drinks ^^.

A guy waiting in line for his turn giggle when he saw me took photos of Kagami....DUH.....

Anywho, our drinks arrived and Kagami can't wait to try some of them! My usual, ice blended Caramel cream and hubby's ice blended chocolate chip cookies. I shall try it next time =D

The movie is so so only...the good stuff only starts near end @_@!!

Will be going back into the cinemas next month for The Adventures of Tin Tin!
1 of my favorite comic of all times =D
Can't wait!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Nao Chan's Day Out

I brought Nao chan (Nendoroid) for some photo shoot at a local coffee shop (Lam咖啡) in Parlor.
I love love the settings of this kopitiam. Very antic looking. According to some customer, the kopitiam is actually a pawn shop. About 70 years old...Wow! They still maintain some of the old settings inside the shop =)

 I didn't bring Nao chan's extra face plate and hands for exchange cause it's kinda last minute to decide which nendo to bring ^^But Nao chan fits in perfectly!

Got lots of local food from nasi lemak to egg tart^^ Yummy desu~
Nao chan helping me with the menu...I have a difficult time to choose what i want to eat =3

Finally decide to go with nasi lemak with ice tea.
I love their rendang curry chicken. The gravy is thick and the chicken meat is really tender. Goes well with the coconut rice and sambal. Nao chan loves it too!

Hubby, as usual, will go for his favorite hor fun with curry pig skin. I never eat pig skin back in my home town. I learn to enjoy it when i move and married here, but i seldom eat it cause it's high in cholesterol.

 We also order some mix vege and meat soup.

While waiting for our food to arrived, Nao chan wanted me to take some photos of her ^^
I love the steel cup that they kept their chopsticks, spoons and forks. I remember my grandmother used to have some lying around the old house back home =D

This is one of favorite photo of Nao chan~
The little plate of a chick on it reminds me of *Ho lor chim* A game we used to play with my grands when she's still alive back home.

We really enjoy the food the the environment there. Will surely be visiting again soon =3

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Kuroneko pure neemo doll

My long awaited doll finally arrived at my door step this afternoon.
I was so super excited until i forgot to wear my bra (it's a hot day! XD) that i ran out to the gate to greet the delivery man! The horror when i realize that he's giving me a funny look! Well, i guess i leave him a very *Good impression*!!

My other dolls are quite curious about this new *family* member that i just brag about it to my hubby's friend last night =D

Both of them were siting on top of it -_-;;;;;;;;

Look what i found!
Mimi chan is super excited with her findings~

"She looks a bit like me"exclaim Mimi chan.
"Look! She's got dark hair just like me too, but her hair is longer than mine."

Kuroneko maid version from Azone!
She's a summer festival and Azonet Premium Exclusive doll.
Limited to only one per person and cost a lot more than usual. T_T
But, it's a gift from my hubby for my birthday this coming November.

Some extra hands for exchanging pose.
I like her nya nya pose even thought her arms can't really reach up. Her body is actually really soft compare to Mimi chan's obitsu body. I feel like it's gonna break anytime soon if i bend her arms too much! T_T! That's a real disappointment for a doll that cost that much moolah 

Her nekomimi plastic ear. Fits just nicely on the head.

A comparison with Mamachapp doll (Mimi chan)
She's a LOT smaller than her!
"I'm a big sister now!"
Yes you are Mimi chan =)

Welcome to my doll family!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mimi chan helps

Been busy lately with test papers and anime! >_<
Lucky for me, i got some help from Mimi chan ^^

Mimi chan at your service!

'I'm a good helper!' Say Mimi chan, 'And look what i found!...A correction pen..'
"Why, thank you Mimi chan...i was just wondering where's my correction pen went"

'What to do next?' Asked Mimi chan
"How about helping clip the test papers together?'
'No problem! Leave it to super Mimi!'

'Phew! clipping papers are hard work!'
@_@! " But you just started11"
'Yup! Now i wanna go play with Rini chan!'

I just notice that i never really take photos of Rini when she arrived at my door step last year.
It's really hard to take photos of dolls without people looking at you at public places.
Just like last night when me and hubby decide to visit a newly open cafe at our area. I brought along Rini chan with me cause i thought the environment there will suit for some photo shoot.
In the end i didn't dare to take her out at all. Too many people and too many kids! Lol~ Scare that they might try to kidnap her later XP

Ooh! I will be getting a new doll very soon =D
Very very happy about it too!
It's a pre birthday present from hubby.
Rini chan is a pre wedding anniversary from last year, lol...

Will keep it a secret from now on =)
Shall upload photos once she arrived!