Friday, November 26, 2010

Nakano Mandrake, mamachapps and puppies~

Mandrake is going to be my favorite store of all time~ =D


Cause i MIGHT find my mamachapps there~!

I'm so freaking excited....

But there's also a change that it might SOLD OUT *Sob Sob*

Fingers cross~

Aside from finding might be mamachapps~

There's one more concern when i leave for Japan next Sunday.

As you see, there's these two stray puppies that i usually feed them every evening.

Since i will be gone for one week, i'm scare that they might not know how to find food for themselves =(

As for my cats at the back, my mother in law and the neighbors will help me feed them while we're gone for the week.

I just hope that the puppies will be fine when we get back on the 11th.

*Please GOD, please help me look after these two little puppies.*

Update: Saw the skinniest dog on the streets while going to the bank...the sight of her really pains me to the heart. I try to give her some food but she refused and i can see in her eyes that she's being abused before.

Dear GOD...If you're listening or reading my blog~ Please help this little doggy... If can...please take her with you now Dear GOD, please end her suffering~ 

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