Monday, November 15, 2010


We help this aunty which live two doors from us to look after a Poodle mix puppy...which we call him Puppy.
Puppy is a very well behave dog but he tends to bark and howl alot. He howls when he's alone in the house. =( or when i took him over to the aunty's house in the morning since i need to work so is hubby. But today, Puppy's been adopted! Mix feelings here, sad and happy at the same time. Sad is that i won't be seeing him for sometime now eventhought MIL says we can visit him whenever we want, happy that he finally find a new home.=D
* a good boy ok? We'll miss you but we also knew that you got a good home now*
Update on my Japan trip:
Yes! Yes! Yes!
And in 3 weeks time~!
We just got our visa last week and staright away book our tickets~ will be flying JAL =D
Can't wait~! Ah...........I want to go to Sanrio gift gate and buy my hearts out all those goodies...(Hubby asked me if the bags are enough for me to keep all the plush toys =P)
Oh...i can imagine us walking the streets of Ikebukuro~ It's going to so much FUN!
I want to try out the Mcdonalds~KFC~Ramen~ Sushi~ Salmon~ Anything~!
I need a good waling shoes! Thinking of buying boots, saw some nice boots from SUB... But hubby says that it might be a waste of money if i'm just going to wear it once.=(
Oh well, am counting the days till the 5th of Dec....=D
Will be traveling a lot this coming month, after Japan, i need to get to Singapore for Lester's wedding which is on the 21th. Afterwards will be going back to Kuching on the 3rd day of CNY.
I need kolomee, laksa, kueh chap, siow bee, soya bean milk and chai tao kueh!
How i miss them...=(
Will update soon on the Japan trip. =D
Oh dear, that's all i'll be thinking in the 3 weeks =P
Good night ya

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