Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Almost pack

Almost finish packing for the trip~ =D

This morning, i woke up feeling excited~! Maybe it's because the 5th is oh so near >_<

I found a shop that sells mamachapp dolls~! Mandarake from Nakano broadway~ =D

Just hope they still have the mamachapps that i want -_-~

5 more days to go~~~ and counting...

This is the mamachapp that i want. 25.000 yen. Hope they still have it when i go there on the 7th.

If i can't find the above mamachapp, will consider of buying this one, as usual if they still have it. 32,000 yen. More than  my budget,thought...=(

So far i check with their website, the Nakano branch still have these two~ Am crossing my fingers to hope to get to them before anyone else does.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pre birthday dinner at 大长今restaurant

Hubby brought me to this Korean restaurant on the 24th for my pre birthday dinner * He's working on the 27th =( *The restaurant is own by a Korean family who moved here.

Simple but nice interio...we sat on the floor...Note to self: Remember to wear shorts or long skirt next time =D

My kimchi side dishes~

This is like the best kimchi soup i ever taste~!

I order kimchi set, BBQ pork set (Which is by far...super yummylicious!) Hubby's mackerel set~

Juicy pork~!

The aftermath...haha....not a single drop of soup left~!

After dinner, Sayang brought me to the newly open 100 yen shop opposite Jusco. I bought some Hello Kitty stuff for my upcoming trip to Japan. Hello kitty wet tissue, Hello kitty cotton bud, Hello kitty pill casing, Hello kitty multi purpose plastic and a Hello kitty pedicure cotton (No idea what it really calls) =D

And last but not least~ My Rilakkuma and Korilakuma plush keychain from Watson! Super kawaii~ I love it =D

Friday, November 26, 2010

Nakano Mandrake, mamachapps and puppies~

Mandrake is going to be my favorite store of all time~ =D


Cause i MIGHT find my mamachapps there~!

I'm so freaking excited....

But there's also a change that it might SOLD OUT *Sob Sob*

Fingers cross~

Aside from finding might be mamachapps~

There's one more concern when i leave for Japan next Sunday.

As you see, there's these two stray puppies that i usually feed them every evening.

Since i will be gone for one week, i'm scare that they might not know how to find food for themselves =(

As for my cats at the back, my mother in law and the neighbors will help me feed them while we're gone for the week.

I just hope that the puppies will be fine when we get back on the 11th.

*Please GOD, please help me look after these two little puppies.*

Update: Saw the skinniest dog on the streets while going to the bank...the sight of her really pains me to the heart. I try to give her some food but she refused and i can see in her eyes that she's being abused before.

Dear GOD...If you're listening or reading my blog~ Please help this little doggy... If can...please take her with you now Dear GOD, please end her suffering~ 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Hello Kitty Wish List~

New Hello Kitty stuff from Sanrio.co.jp- 24/11/2010 (Hope it's still available when we reach Sanrio Gift Gate in Ikebukuru)

All so adorable!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Wish List For 2010 Japan Trip

Here's my wish list for 2010 =D


They are the cutest! Can't get over how cute they are, but they're also the most expensive cause of high demands and LE. Just hope that i can find at least ONE~!

Hello Kitty~! =D

Rilakkuma Plushies~! =D

Azumanga 10th anniversary art book-I don't know if i can still find this book! -_-. Ever since i watch this anime, i'm stuck with it! I will watch it everyday! They're my favorite anime/manga of all time~(Tomo chan is my favorite character ^ ^)

Vintage coloring book- I got these vintage Japanese coloring books way back in the 80's (When i'm in primary school)

Tamagotchi ID (I like the purple or the yellow one, Got pink for my Tamagotchi color last year)

And more Duffy chan~! =D

Guess that's about it...for now =D

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Two weeks

Will be jetting off to Japan in just two weeks time =D Super happy! (As if you can see my face right now)
And here's a list of places that we're going to visit when in Japan =)

Ikebukuro- We will be staying there for 5 days at House of Ikebukuro.

Sanrio Gift Gate at Ikebukuro! OMGOMGOMG~ It's like heaven-Hello Kitty heaven =D

Will be walking the whole day when we arrived =( Don't know if can tahan or not...that's why need sleep while on plane! wish i can catch some shut eye...don't want the same thing happen to me when going to Singapore last year~ Hubby is snoring while i stay awake till we reach Johor boarder and was TIRED!

2nd day:
Nakano Broadway! Hope i can find my mamachapp doll (At least one-mamachapps are totally hopeless to find! unless people is selling 2nd hand which sometimes can be expensive)

If we can still squeeze ourselves some time, will be going to Akihabara~

Think when we reach there should be evening time already...

3rd day: How can we visit Japan without going to TOKYO DISNEY SEA?

Will be there for the whole day- I want to meet Duffy chan~! (And buy Duffy and Shellie May products =D)

I want to take pictures with them but some says that they only entertain kids and not adults...=(
Heelloo? The adults are the ones PAYING ok? -_-

4th day: Shibuya 109, Asakusa temple
8 floors of shopping in Shibuya109, I don't know if we ever make it to Asakusa =)

Maybe can buy some charms as souvenirs- Need to find Janice's yukata there as well =)

Will be visiting Hachiko's statue at the Shibuya station. I love you Hachiko!

5th day: No idea where to visit yet =D Shall decide later!

6th day: Going back =( Flights at 11.30am. Need to rush to the airport by 6.30am i think. (Maybe will take the teksi instead, save us more time)

That's about our plans for this trip....there's more to visit but i don't think we have the time! How i wish now that we got 48 hours a days instead of 24 hours...kikiki

Monday, November 15, 2010


We help this aunty which live two doors from us to look after a Poodle mix puppy...which we call him Puppy.
Puppy is a very well behave dog but he tends to bark and howl alot. He howls when he's alone in the house. =( or when i took him over to the aunty's house in the morning since i need to work so is hubby. But today, Puppy's been adopted! Mix feelings here, sad and happy at the same time. Sad is that i won't be seeing him for sometime now eventhought MIL says we can visit him whenever we want, happy that he finally find a new home.=D
*Puppy...be a good boy ok? We'll miss you but we also knew that you got a good home now*
Update on my Japan trip:
Yes! Yes! Yes!
And in 3 weeks time~!
We just got our visa last week and staright away book our tickets~ will be flying JAL =D
Can't wait~! Ah...........I want to go to Sanrio gift gate and buy my hearts out all those goodies...(Hubby asked me if the bags are enough for me to keep all the plush toys =P)
Oh...i can imagine us walking the streets of Ikebukuro~ It's going to so much FUN!
I want to try out the Mcdonalds~KFC~Ramen~ Sushi~ Salmon~ Anything~!
I need a good waling shoes! Thinking of buying boots, saw some nice boots from SUB... But hubby says that it might be a waste of money if i'm just going to wear it once.=(
Oh well, am counting the days till the 5th of Dec....=D
Will be traveling a lot this coming month, after Japan, i need to get to Singapore for Lester's wedding which is on the 21th. Afterwards will be going back to Kuching on the 3rd day of CNY.
I need kolomee, laksa, kueh chap, siow bee, soya bean milk and chai tao kueh!
How i miss them...=(
Will update soon on the Japan trip. =D
Oh dear, that's all i'll be thinking in the 3 weeks =P
Good night ya

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I hate waiting...=(
Waiting for our Japan visa approval is like HELL~
This *Miss Leong* told hubby this morning (He went to fax the itinerary for our Japan visa, the Japan Embassy called this morning asking for it). 3 couple have fail to apply for the Japan Visa....=(
Haiz.....got a really bad feeling about it....T_T
I told myself this afternoon...if we really cannot get the Japan visa. I will buy myself a DIAMOND HEART PENDANT..Hahahaha...i know, i know, it's irrelevant....but i guess it can only mend my broken heart...(Trying hard to calm myself down)
Only to find out the answer by tomorrow or by Monday (Friday is a public holiday, Deepavali for the Indian race).
Let's get this over with.....
Updates: Got our VISA! We're going to Japan this 5th of Dec~! Yeah!