Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas ^^

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Hope everyone are enjoying their holidays^^

Thursday, December 1, 2011

I am Ayrius


My name is Ayrius~ I'm originate from Korea. I do not come as one...

You see~ My head is from Peakswoods FOF Hucky head while my body is from Minoruworld Jr girl body.

I'm a beautiful hybrid girl! =D

That's why my new owner fell in love with me and can't take her eyes of my pictures from my previous owner on Flickr ^^:;

After months of staring and drooling and commenting my photos. My new owner found out that i will be needing a new home soon and she straight away contact my previous owner to make arrangements to adopt me =D 

The date is set on 25th of December! Which is Christmas! My owner says that i'm gonna be her 2011 Christmas present @_@!!

Also i will be meeting some of my old friends and bind them farewell T_T cause i won't be able to attend anymore doll meeting with them in the near future. But i will have some sisters to keep me company and i'm not talking about my 3 furry sisters^^;;;

My new owner lives in Malaysia while my previous owner (Mamee) lives in Bangkok. I will miss Bangkok tho but i'm also excited about my new home! =D

I can't wait to see my new home and the look of *papa*'s face when *mami*(my new owner) bring me home on the 29th =D

But i got a feeling that *papa* knows about my existence already as *mami* keep on talking about how beautiful i am ^^.

Oh! *papa* can't follow *mami* to Bangkok due to work and*mami* says that she will shop until she drop @_@!
I hope not! cause she's quite big and i can't carried her all by myself...=3

Well, That's all for now~
*Mami* can't post photos of me just yet cause she hasn't sign the 'contract' of my 'release' yet   XD

I will show you all how beautiful i am once it's settle ^^

Till then...

Update: She's finally mineeee~~~~ =D