Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happenings 2

Went out to watch Rapunzal yesterday~ It's so funny! I love the horse Maximus the most~! =D

After the movie, hubby bought me baskin robbin's ice cream cake =D well, to make up for my birthday last week...kikikiki

Nothing much to do afterwards, so we walk around~ X'mas decorations not yet up thought =(

X'mas here is so dull and boring~! But luckily for me, shall be celebrating X'mas in Singapore this year =D YEAH~! But poor hubby cannot come with me cause he needs to work after the Japan trip. (Going down to Singapore on the 19th for my little brother's wedding!)

Hubby's dinner ;)

Went to have an early dinner at Black canyon restaurant inside of JJ.

Green chicken curry, our favorite =)

My dinner =D

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