Monday, October 18, 2010

It's been really really hot rain for almost 2 weeks now (Or maybe more, i lost count already)
Tomorrow, we will be applying for our Japanese Visa with a Miss Leong (MIL's friend's daugther who works in a travel agency)
So far we got all of our documents ready~ Since i wrote in my application form that i'm a *HOUSEWIFE* So, sayang will be my guarantor for this trip (He's my husband mah)
Went to my ASB HQ here to apply for my bank statement and then found out that i can't used it cause the Japanese Embassy had change their address in Penang~
Stress stress stress~
Now the bank statement that i apply earlier cannot be used~
It supposed to be a back up for Sayang (just in case the amount in the bank statement is not enough).
Now that my ASB statement is void~ I hope sayang's statement is enough to apply visas for both of us~
*Fingers cross*
Will know in one weeks time~ i guess...

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