Saturday, October 23, 2010

Duffy and Shellie May keychain

Just order my second Duffy chan key chain from minimaos~ But this time comes with his cute girl friend Sheila May =D

Duffy chan in a sailor suit~ ^_^

And there she is... Miss Sheila May ^_^ Love her cute cute lashes...

Kawaii~! They both look so lovely dovely =D

Can't wait to get them next week.

Some other event:

Finally pass up all the documents for our Japanese visa.

I hope and i pray that we'll pass~!

Oh GOD...please don't let us down.

One week of waiting and suffering...=(

I don't know if i can stand it or not...


Update: Change my order of the keychains to 30cm Shellie May (Just like my Duffy chan ^_^) She's so freaking adorable~! Love her blue eyes....

Update on our Japan visa: The documents just pass up last Friday (29/10/2010) I am crossing my fingers and my feets just to hope for the approval of our Visa....The long wait is killing me...slowly inside.

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