Saturday, October 2, 2010

It's Saturday。。。Kintoki for dinner

Brought Mika chan with us to Kintoki, a local Japanese restaurant in our area.

Mika chan didn't have time to change into her Kimono =(

But still~ she look adorable in her pink nurse unifform =D

We order Teriyaki bento set and Sukiyaki set with some yakitori - YUM!!!

Forgot the name of this dish

Hubby's sukiyaki set~ Very nice =D

My teriyaki set~ love the sweet pork~ taste just like my ah mah's sweet pork she used to cook when she's alive. Miss all my ah mah's cooking.

Mika chan is super cute in this photo~ =D (My favorite)

It's a nice evening out and now watching desparate housewife season 6 =D

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