Monday, October 31, 2011

Mimi chan cooks!

Decided to cook vege and egg soup and i got myself a cute little helper to help me ^^

First up- Eggs ( 2 eggs will be enough for 2 person )


Mimi chan helps!^^ *stir stir stir*

All done! =D

I always use Knows ikan bilis cube for soup base. Taste much more better than chicken and tom yam.

1 cube is enough, i used to put in 2 cubes but turns out to be too salty!! @_@

Time to fried some eggs...

Yay! smells wonderful~

Use the existing oil, add in water, wait for it to boil...

Add in the ikan bilis cube ^^

Cut the eggs into tiny pieces.

Mimi chan looks a bit concern XD

Don't forget to add in the veges~

Looks good!

Add in the eggs and you're ready to serve ^^
Yummy desu- taste good with rice~

Mimi chan wanna try?

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