Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Raspberly's day out.

Yes! It's the weekend~ And since we're all not working, we decided to go for a movie.

Our choice for the begining of the month?

Chris Hemsworth is freaking DELICIOUS~!

And i also brought a little friend with me....a little devil friend....He he he....

We went there a wee bit early (Kiasu type of people ma) and have to wait half and hour before the ticket counter opens. (Back ground poster- Rio)

Movie starts at 12.05pm~ Raspberly can't wait to see Thor too!

Ahh~ Nothing beats an ice blended caramel and cheese cake to fill up our tummies...(Even thought i ate all the cheese cake..Hubby not a *cheese* person which means more cake for me!! =D)

Saw something that catches my eyes~ Ipad 2, 16GB with WIFI only...RM1499...Very tempting indeed.

As for hubby? He's interested in the LED tv. Hmmmm...both $$$$....

On the way home~ Looks like *Thor* is coming soon...(Black clouds on the background) Please excuse my hideous fingernails~ Haven't got them done yet. Not in the mood to sit in a nail parlor for one hour~ ^_^

It's a fun weekend!

And i end up sick on Tuesday =(

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