Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Besides nendoroids, mamachapp and azone dolls. My next favorite toys from Japan are re-ment.

Re-ment is a Japan base company that makes lots of cute miniatures. I have collect quite a few boxes of them but some how miss some really rare and cute ones too! =(

Looks good to enough to eat? Yum!

The piggy bank is way too cute!

Cute doggies! ( This re-ment puppy which i bought from ebay is one of my favorite!)

I was really lucky to get this shih tzu puppy! But regret fro not buying another one =(
No thanks to *certain* someone who keeps nagging me =S
Anyway~ Let/s continue to search for more cute re-ment photos!

Next up we have~
Hello Kitty re-ment coloring pencils! It's very detail and i bought the whole set...as usual =D

 A look inside the coloring box~ All color pencils can be taken out~

Re-ment also create some interesting furniture, just that it's in miniature size.

Cute no?

How about some Lilo and stitch's table and chairs?

Re-ment also collaborate with Disney for their products, such as these~

Cakey cakey~! (Tomo chan's way of saying...)

Some doughnuts or candies, maybe? Way too cute to be eaten!

Look so real~

Neko chan re-ment.

Eeek~~ Don't peek!

It's nice being a neko chan~! Can sleep and eat the whole day! Yeah~~

Hmm~ the fish looks delicious~~

They even make dresses,shoes and even some bags which can fit some dolls~

 Too cute and too many for me to add to my collections~! ($$$)

Are you a re-ment collector as well?

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