Monday, May 9, 2011

Suika Ibuki Figma

Ah~ Another cute figma on my *to order*list.

Figma Suika Ibuki from the popular game series* Tohou Project*, a mischievous demon in Gensoukyou.

This cute figma comes with 3 expressions. A standard face, a smilling face and a drunken face, which is my favorite!

Yay~ I'm so drunk but i still look damn ADORABLE~*Hic hic*

She even got a mini clone of herself! LOL~

Here she is with her shaped weight of chains, she comes with a figma stand which allows you to make various pose.

A figma size of Ibuki-gourd and a dish to drink her sake is also included.( her smile remind me of Tomo from  azumanga daioh)

Can't wait for the pre-order to open soon!

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