Saturday, April 30, 2011

Nendoroid Reimu Hakurei

Another nendoroid on my *want list*

Nendoroid Reimu from a popular doujin game series * Touhou Project*

I do not play the game but i sure want this nendoroid!

Will release again this coming June~

I'm crossing my fingers that my bro can help me find one back in Singapore.

Ok, now for the introduction (as usual, copy paste from GSC site) I don't not own the nendoroid yet so all pictures are taken from there as well.

When i do own her. Then i shall do a full review about it, so, please bare with me. ^_^

Wearing her red shine maiden outfit with her large red trademark ribbon in her hair, she also comes complete with the prayer rod and charm cards that were seen in the games. Also included is a tea cup and a content face to allow you to recreate her easygoing personality as she sips her tea. The stand has a yin and yang mark placed on it so it too is a part of Gensokyo.

Accessories that comes with her...

My favorite expression of her...enjoying a cup of tea.

Her red bow can be removed from her head but i think she looked more adorable with it.

Anyone thinking of getting her too?

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