Saturday, May 7, 2011

Haru chan nendoroid

After waiting for almost a week, Haru chan came to me finally! It's awful...i miss the delivery man two times last week and when i call them this morning to make another delivery arrangement for her, they told me that they can only deliver her on Monday! I don't want that! What if i miss him again~ so, i beg the hubby to drive me to the citylink office and now she's safely back home! =D

Haru chan is a character from NHK's general news watch as well as NHK's popular online web comic, the spring goddess!

Love her box~ It's so colorful....

As usual, she comes with 3 expressions. 1 smiling face, 1 agitated face when the spring thunderstorm comes and 1 masked face when she catches a cold or suffering from allergies! And she's got a kanji word *spring* on her forehead which can be taken off.

Here she is sitting on her carp with her pet cat and a rolling paper sword.

=( Her pet cat just won't hang on to the carp's tail! It kept falling off, i used some sticky stuf to make it stay on it's tail.

Her roll up newspaper sword is very detail~

Here she is with her under the weather expression. =D The mask face is cute tho.

Oh oh~ Thunderstorms not far behind. Just look at her messy hair... and that's one of her magical stave *Ame yo Fure*which makes rain. I desperately need rain right now! It's so freaking HOT!!!!!

Another magical stave of hers...This one makes the cherry blossom bloom~ (Planning to go to Japan next year for the cherry blossoms! I never seen one before) Do your hometown have cherry blossom as well?

Isn't she the cutest?? I fell in love already~

The back of her head~

Let Haru chan show you the warmth of spring~!

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