Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mimi and Madoka's outing

Hubby brought me to watch Ghost Rider 2 last Sunday. And i brought my girls with me as well. ^^

As usual, we're the *kiasu* type (which mean afraid of losing in hokkien) we went there two hours before the movie starts (11.45am) =D

The mall's not even fully open. But we manage to sneak into Starbucks and spend our time there...he he he...

And what better way for me to spend my time by taking photos of my girls?

Brought Mimi chan (Mamachapp doll) and Madoka (nendoroid )with me.

I redress Mimi chan into a nekomimi maid from re-ment which i bought many moons ago.Nekomimi ears and socks are from her original stock outfit while furry boots were from re-ment which i bought from Bangkok last year. I think she looks really cute in this costume ^_^

 Took me sometime to make her stand on her own tho. (^_^;;)

I took off her socks cause her boots keep falling off...but then decide to wear it back again =P

Yummy Jazzy Lemon Cheesecake from Starbucks.

Mimi chan: O tanoshimi kudasai! ^^

Arigato Mimi chan! =D

My usual- Ice blended caramel.

Hubby always trying new stuff- Hot Coco cappuccino.

Mimi chan decided to take break after serving (photo shooting with) us.

Madoka then join us for treats =D

  My Madoka was from last year's WonFes LE. (Madoka school uniform version). Was aiming for her for the longest time on Ebay. I bought her from the same seller which i bought my Snow Miku 1st gen. Have to be extra careful when buying nendoroids from Ebay. There's a lot of bootleg circulating online nowadays. (-_-;;). Only buy from your trusted online shop or Ebay seller.

I didn't realize that i have lost Kube's yellow ring from his right ear! @_@!!

Only realize it last night when i change her face and body parts. T_T

Now Kube only got one ring left on her left ear. *Sigh* And he's safely back into the box while Madoka is on display on the cupboard.

Am still waiting for my Yune nendoroid and Mami figma from XL shop. It's been delay till March. I hope they will arrived in time for our Singapore trip end of next month!

Me and hubby decided to go to USS for the transformer ride ^^.

Can't wait!
Yeah! Road trip...Yoohoo!! =D

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