Thursday, February 23, 2012

Madoka School Uniform Version (Review)

I was really lucky to get my hands on this cutie on Ebay. As usual, for those who is looking/thinking of buying nendoroid from Ebay, please buy from your trusted seller ONLY. You don't want to end up paying the same amount of money for the original ones but end up getting a FAKE one instead. ^^:

I bid on her just before Valentines Day! Hehehe... She arrived 2 days before V day. She's the 2011 WonFes Limited Edition, which means you can only get her when you go to the event. I was lucky that the seller that i usually deal with got his hands on her ^^

Enough said~ Photos!

 Ayrius is the one that greeted her =D

I dress Ayrius up in her nekomimi outfit which i asked hubby to buy for me ^^

A closer look on Madoka.

Like any other nendoroid, she comes with two extra face plate aside from her smiling face, a worried face and a crying face. 4 extra arms, a school bag for her to carry and Kube.

As you can see, there's an extra Kube's body attach to one of her amrs. And you can make poses such as this one =)

She's such a C U T I E!! \(>_<)/

Here she is before i remove her from the plastic holder ^^ Oh yeah! That's my shih tzu's butt at the back XD

Random photo of Ayrius taken with Madoka before i debox her =D Yeah yeah, just trying to show you all how cute she is in her nekomimi outfit... he he he...

I will be getting another nendoroid tomorrow afternoon!
It's Erio Touwa from the anime Denpa Onna To Seishun >_<
Have waited for her for the longest time!

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