Thursday, February 23, 2012

My 2012 Valentine Dinner ^^

Hubby brought me to a really cozy Irish bar and restaurant in Green Town for V day this year.

Healy Mac's Irish Bar and Restaurant.

Licca chan is my stow away for that evening. It was raining heavily that day so we took our time just to enjoy the environment, good food, drinks and each other's company.

They even have their very own chef making pizza. I shall try the pizza one day.

We went there before dinner time thus not much customer yet. This is part of their restaurant area.

The bar area.

He he, I like the Irish doll that's hanging around the restaurant, big and small...

Hubby deciding what to order. ^_^

I order a dish called Panini, and soup of the day which is tomato soup with home made bread.

Wrap with chicken and cheese....bake to prefection...yummy desu~~ slurp... XD

Hubby's order -  Poor men's porridge. Consists with lamb meat, potatos, carrot and rice.

The lamb meat is really tender! And it came with bread as well.

My after dinner cocktail -  Lychee Martini. ^_^ It's really sweet and i like the smell of lychee.
I felt a bit light headed after this! It's been a long time since i drank ^_^;;

Hubby order a glass of beer for himself.

I seldom let him drink =)
So, he's enjoying himself that evening...he he he...yeah yeah, I'm a control wifey =P

I curi curi took this photo of the owner there.
I thought he's kinda cute

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