Saturday, December 19, 2015

New * dog * in the HOUSE~~

Hi there! 
I' m Mame. A needlefelt shiba inu from Japan but now living in Ipoh with my human. My human is just too lazy to update her blog so I'm taking over.

Harrow~~ it's me! Mame πŸ•πŸ•

My human brought me and two other furry cuties to Petite Mary Patisseries just beside Kinta city Aeon mall. 

 It was a Friday morning so still not much humans yet. 

The human brought lots of pastry for the little human. He loves them a lot. And I didn't  even have a bite yet! He finish most of them.

But luckily human order chicken lasagna.The chicken lasagna is super rich and cheesy . I love it! Yum yum~~ 

For drinks the human choose coffee tiramisu. It taste ok. So says Pom Pom the Pomeranian. She is from Japan~
This is Christmas the cat. She is also from Japan. Recently human found her original human in IG and lets her know that she's A-Ok.

Yummy snowman cake. Smooth and not too sweet. Just nice! 

Christmas is just a week away and human already book her Christmas dinner at TWT Cafe with her friends. Can't wait! Till next time~ Mame signing off. 

See ya~~

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