Monday, December 21, 2015

Mini Mui Chan

Human Mami taking over ^_^

Since my last update in 2013. My dolly family has increase to few more dolls. 

All of them are my favorite but recently I like taking this cutie out for photo shoot(≧∇≦)

Her name is Mini Mui chan ( 妹头 ) from Ixdoll,Hong Kong. 

I got her thru Dolly Dreamers of Bangkok this year. 

Isn't she ADORABLE?? 

This is her default costume. She comes with a magnetic white cat which can be put on top of her head. 

A very photogenic girl! 

She can wear certain Lati yellow dress/shirt and middie Blythe dress/shirt as well. So it's easy to find clothes for her 

She's only 17cm tall. Light and easy to carry. 


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