Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Nendorid Snow Miku

I love snow, i love snow, i love snow Miku even more~ ^_^

I want her but for sure she will cost me a bomb.

Awwww...Miku~ Stop blowing sweet kisses at my way XD

Gen 2 on the left and gen 1 on the right~

I'm aiming for Snow Miku gen 2 by the way~

So far, i got the original Miku, Kagami Miku- both belong to my hubby, HMO Miku-belong to me and a small Miku nendoroid petit.

All original from GSC!

Beware of bootlegs tho~ the color on those bootlegs are freaking ugly~

Picture taken from *Bootleg Hell*
Fake Miku! If you look closely~ the colors are totally off~ 


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