Wednesday, January 6, 2016

In memory of Bibi

In memory of my beloved Bibi. Die in 2008. Now she's with Mummy in heaven. Looking over us. 
This is a needle felt version of Bibi, of course, she has black fur instead of brown. But this version of her will do just fine. 

Bibi loves car rides. When she hears the sound of the car keys tangle she will wait at the back door waiting for my brother/ mother. Then she will run towards the car and wait for us to open the doors to let her in. 

It is very sad that in her last day on earth she's not with us. 
Poor Bibi was alone after what happen in 2006 ( another story in another time ) My family put her up for adoption to a family ( a family friend of ours ) That time I was going thru a tough life. Starting a new life here in Ipoh. I don't have the right to asked to bring Bibi over. 

And here she is. In a mini version of her. In memory of her. She and I will travel. I shall take her and my other * pets * in my * adventures *. With my beloved families. It is something that I can do now. Is to have more good memories with them. 
Then, when the time comes, I shall meet them again. 

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