Friday, January 1, 2016

Good riddance 2015!

Human mami taking over to rant on some of the things that happen in 2015. 

Mami have spend quite an amount of money shopping online but in the end she lost some of her money as well. 

1) She order two pcs of BJD clothes from a China company which cost USD 70. But in the end they have taken the money but mami never received her doll clothes. 

2) She order a handmade doll from a Russian artist bear maker which cost USD150. The doll maker said that the doll already mail on 18th of October 2015 but up until now mami haven't receive her bear yet and the doll maker promised to refund the money to mami. Also, up until now no news from her. 

3) She order a hand painted doll head from Germany since August. After chasing the artist for many times. She promise to send the head since October, but she only send the head in December 2015. Up until now mami cannot track her shipment as there is no record of the package in the local pos office. The head cost USD 80.

4) Refund of 10,000 yen from Jauce. Up until now mami didn't receive any money from them. 

Overall mami have lost about RM2k in all her purchases.

So, mami need to be more careful and wisely when buying online. A very painful lesson for mami. 

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