Saturday, November 26, 2011

Pre Birthday Dinner at Brewsters Lane Kitchen

Yeah! It's me birthday day tomorrow Har Dee Har Har~! =D

Anywho, what's a birthday without birthday dinner right?

Hubby brought me to this really old fashion looking restaurant named Brewsters Lane kitchen on Parlor last Monday night.^^

And i brought along Ruri chan, who is also my pre birthday present from hubby as well =)

Here is ruri chan sitting with me on the couch, waiting for the rain to stop...^^;;

We then decide to beat the rain and charge to the restaurant ^^ That's how hungry we were that day XD.

We arrived partly dry (It was really pouring out there!) But we manage to get our asses out of the car and into the restaurant in record time XP. Ruri chan  will be our service maid for the night He he he...

The menu~~~~~
They serve fish and steak the most. But they also serve some Japanese dishes and chicken as well.

After looking thru the menu for sometimes, me and hubby settle for lamb ^^

Supreme Australian Lamblion! with their home made black pepper sauce and mint sauce~ YuumY!

After placing our order, we decide to camwhore...XD. Special request for Ruri chan as my model...
I love this photo the most, with Ruri chan taking photo with this painting. She kinda blends in with the environment as well ^^

Ruri with hubby!

Antic lighting~

Some antic collection on display in the restaurant.

My fresh orange juice while hubby's fresh lime and honey juice. Very refreshing indeed

After 20 minutes wait, our food arrived! The lamblion looks so delicious and IT IS!
All sets include french fries, soup of the day, salad and dessert.

Close up of the lamblion

Their home made black pepper sauce, french fries and salad ^^

Soup of the day- we're having corn soup. It's so creamy! and it taste so good in a coldl weather =D

Dessert- Mango pudding.

Total for the food?
2 sets of lamblion total up RM 128++
If we went on Tuesday which is gentlemen's day, there's a 50 discount for the gentlemen while ladies night on Friday.
Make note to self: Go there on Tuesday or Friday to enjoy 50% discount on food!
Will try their smoke salmon next time^^

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