Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Food adventure with Mimi chan

Hubby brought me and Mimi chan to Haagen Dazs yesterday for brunch to celebrate my 35th birthday ^^.

Even their menu looks so yummy in the front cover!

Since it's a Sunday, not much customers yet. They open at 11AM ^^ and we went there a wee bit too early~ Lol...

Even thought their flavors not as much as Baskin Robbins but they got RUM RAISIN! Which i miss it so so much since BR ban it in JJ branch. T_T

Hubby order the one on the right ^^

I order Banana split which is on the left ^^

While waiting for our ice creams, i took some photos of Mimi chan at the cafe =D

I change Mimi chan into her stock outfit... I love nekomimis XD

Mimi chan is so cute!

Is Mimi chan trying to tell me something? @_@
X'mas cakes from Haagen Dazs should be yummylicious! Too bad i will be celebrating Christmas with sisters and their families as well as my brother with wife Linda in Bangkok ^^ Oh! and i may be attending my very 1st BJD doll meet with a Flickr friend of mine! I'm so excited! I've never been to a doll meet before =D
And, I will be adding a new *daughter* very very soon ^^ 

Be patience Mimi chan ^^;;;

Hubby's arrive 1st. He order, Caramel biscuit and cream, Vanilla, Rum raisin and Mango sorbet.

This set comes with waffler and some fruits^^.The waffler with honey is super delicious!

Yay! Mine arrived =D

I order Tiramisu, Rum raisin (Of course!) and Caramel biscuit and cream ^^. I got a new favorite ice cream and this is it ^^. CARAMEL~~~~~~ XD


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