Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy 2011 =)

I know it's a bit late to say that =P

It's been a busy two weeks as new school semester starts and lots of things to do + CNY is around the corner!

I still need to change money for ang paus and buy some new dress for the occasion.

(2 more weeks!)

Hmm...should i get a new pair of shoes too?

Haven't find the time to do shopping...was supposed to go shopping with Cindy tomorrow but she last minute cancel our appointment =(

Oh well, Just have to wait until hubby is free...

Maybe this coming Sunday, Monday or Tuesday? =D

Anywho, Good night and sweet dreams

(Nothing interesting happen this past two weeks)

P.S Bought me a Maltese Fuzzy nation doggy bag from Ebay =D Just in time for the New year! I pray that my little *girl* will arrived safely~

Hate waiting.....

Look something like this. =D

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