Monday, January 31, 2011

Dao Dao is my shih tzu puppy =p

It's been 4 years...
Since I left Bibi back in Kuching with my aunt's friend.
Now that she's reunited with mummy on the rainbow bridge, I'm a ease... At least now mummy won't be lonely anymore.
After 4 years I finally pick up the pieces and bought myself another shih tzu puppy. We named her Dao Dao... Which means *Beans* in Cantonese. She of course is not the sane as Bibi. She's brown and White while Bibi was black, grey and White. I'm so happy when finally Sayang give me a go on getting her. Went to Mr Thong Wai's house to have a looky last Saturday. I choose Dao Dao cause she's the *loner* =) other puppies are super hyper active! While she's very quiet and will just lay by herself at the corner.
Thinking of getting her tomorrow night, but CNY is just 2 days away and I'm scare that I don't have the time look after her yet. But who knows... I might change my mind later... Hehe
Well, I just hope my MIL won't nag too much about her... Oh, I know she WILL nag, just hope that she won't nag THAT much.
I'll post some photos of her when she come home with me =).

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