Friday, June 3, 2011

Mamacahpp doll- Mimi chan

Here's a post about my 1st mamachapp doll, Mimi chan ^_^

I bought Mimi chan from a 2nd hand shop at Mandarake, Nakano Broadway.

Some photos you may already seen it on my previous post on my Japan trip.

So many mamachapp dolls to choose from~ Which one is your liking, besides my Mimi chan? =D

Hubby took this photo of me after my purchased. I still remember what the shop keeper told me that day.
Shop keeper: Kawaii desu?
Me: Hik! >_<
The shop keeper is super nice and she's cute too!
*So far, all the Japanese people we've met were super nice and polite!*

Deboxing Mimi chan inside the guest room. That's hubby's cousin's legs at the back ground. XP

Mimi chan sitting on our suitcase. 

Decided to take Mimi chan out of a walk around Ikebukuro.
-_-...not taking any photos of Mimi chan in the end~

Mimi chan *torture* hubby's welsh corgi plush dog which he bought at Asakusa.

And here's some photos i took while back home.

Mimi chan with a cute Wall-E gashapon i got from the vending machine in I.Parade. Too bad i didn't manage to get Eve/Eva, or else my collection would have been complete!

Too cute for words! I love her neko ears~

You can exchange her hands in order to pose cute poses with her.

Change Mimi chan into a neko maid costume. Meow~

Brought Mimi chan to the kindergarten~ of course i wait until all the kids went home.

7-11 grape slurpy for a hot day~ Mimi chan in her band costume. I bought some re-ment costume for my dolls. It fits pure neemo and mamachapps.

Mimi chan having a relaxing afternoon tea with me. =D

Some re-ment burger for Mimi chan~

Enjoying coffee by herself this time~

He he he... Mimi chan also ambush my cat while he sleeps...He looks annoy tho~

And she's about the size of my palm! =D

Mamachapps are so cute!

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